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You might think you know the story of Santa and his elves...but you don't. The big man in red is known for his love for cookies and his yearly mission of gifting to all of the good boys and girls, but MANY mysteries remain...

How does Santa know who has been naughty or nice? What exactly do the elves do? What is the purpose of a snowman? Why does Santa trouble himself to bring children coal or toys?

Merry Modz is a feature-length story told over multiple platforms and is making its debut as an NFT generative art product. Merry Modz will expand upon the lore of Christmas, help people of all ages connect with their inner wonderment, and bring a new NFT spin to the most magical time of the year. This drop features 10,000 3D full-body characters imbued with holiday cheer, based on the hand-drawn works of the legendary artist Herrera Box.

Get your cookies and milk ready and don your warmest winter clothes. This year you are going to the North Pole...and it won't be anything like you expect!

Road Map
Get your snow shoes ready cause it is about to be
a blizzard of Merry Modz fun!!
Seasons Greetings From The Creators
Tom Bilyeu & Impact Theory Studios
Lisa and I are total Christmas junkies, and we couldn’t be more excited to have teamed up with HerreraBox. It’s my belief that Web3 has fundamentally changed how communities will interact. We refocused Impact Theory Studios to deeply integrate NFTs and all things Web3 into our content creation. This is a franchise that we’ll be building out across all forms of media. We honored to have you on this journey with us! Happy Holidays, now LFG!!!
With more than 20 + years of experience, from comic books to art direction and production, Francisco is recognized as one of the top PRODUCERS and Entrepreneurs of the entertainment business, for his ability and experience jumping across all trans media segments. FORBES magazine has considered him on the list of the top creative Mexicans in the world.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Merry Modz? Who are the characters?
  • 🎄 Merry Modz is a story produced by Impact Theory Studios. It's a massive franchise, starting as a festive season-themed NFT collection and transitioning into TV, video games, and even a movie.
  • As with every Impact Theory story, this is designed to leave you with a newfound sense of empowerment — that you are more capable at the end of the story than you were at the beginning. In Merry Modz, a snowman named SnoBo believes he is incapable of change and growth. He has been told to be afraid, that he is going to melt. After SnoBo accidentally gets Santa imprisoned in a block of ice by his arch-enemy, SnoBo join forces with a team of oddballs and learns he can be a hero!
What is the NFT supply and price?


  • Merry Modz is a narrative-driven, Christmas-themed 10k generative NFT based on a story by Impact Theory Studios and legendary artist HerreraBox. There is a supply of 10,000 unique NFTs (ERC 721 tokens). Four characters from the story will be minted during the first Merry Modz NFT drop: SnoBo (Snowman), Santa, Elf, and Katarina (a young girl).

Mint Price

  • A fixed price of 0.07 ETH per Merry Modz NFT. There is no auction of any type.
  • Impact Theory Studios receives a 5% royalty on secondary sales.
  • Impact Theory will donate 10% of initial sales profits from the Merry Modz NFTs to a Christmas charity for kids.
  • Every transaction will incur gas fees, as this is mandatory to use the Ethereum blockchain. If you are a Legendary or Heroic Key holder, you will still pay gas costs, even if you elect to use your free mint benefit.
When does Merry Modz drop?
There are two stages to the Merry Modz NFT drop. All minting will occur in a provably random way.
  • Pre-sale: For Legendary & Heroic Key holders ONLY, starting on Wednesday, November 17th at 7pm PST and ending on Thursday, November 18th at 8:59am PST, immediately before the start of the Public Sale.
  • Public Sale: Starts on Thursday November 18th at 9am PST.
What are the Merry Modz benefits for Founder's Key holders?
  • Legendary Key holders have three free mints that can be used on Impact Theory NFT drops. Legendary Key holders may use ONE free mint per Key on Merry Modz and/or on future Impact Theory NFT drops.
  • Heroic Key holders have one free mint that can be used on Impact Theory NFT drops. Heroic Key holders may only use their ONE and only free mint per Key on Merry Modz and/or on select future Impact Theory NFT drops.
  • Legendary & Heroic Key holders will have a guaranteed mint in the Pre-Sale, and can mint for free or choose to pay in any combination in a single transaction. You can only buy in the Pre-sale if you verify that you have a Legendary or Heroic Founder's Key. To mint during the Pre-Sale, connect your wallet, verify your Key holdings, and select your mints.
  • During the Public Sale, Legendary & Heroic Key holders can still choose to mint for free or choose to pay in any combination in a single transaction. There is no "whitelist".
  • If you are interested in buying a Legendary or Heroic Key to use a free mint, you can purchase Legendary Keys from the Impact Theory Founder's Key collection on OpenSea. To make sure a Legendary Key has not used its free mint on Merry Modz, view the metadata properties to ensure that there are at least three free mints remaining on your Legendary Key. For Heroic Keys, you may ensure your free mint benefit remains by minting directly from the website. Or, you may purchase on the secondary market on OpenSea and confirm that there is 1 free mint remaining in the Metadata of the Heroic Key.
How many can I mint?

Pre-Sale Maximum Mints

  • Legendary & Heroic Key holders can mint a maximum of 1 Merry Modz NFTs per Legendary & Heroic Key.

Public Sale

Anyone may mint a maximum of 15 Merry Modz NFTs, with the following exceptions:
  • Legendary & Heroic Key holders can mint a maximum of 15 Merry Modz NFTs per Legendary & Heroic Key (minus any mints used in the Pre-Sale). Example: You mint 2 Keys in the Pre-sale. In the Public Sale, you may mint 13 Keys. Your total is the maximum of 15 Keys.
  • If you hold ≥16 Legendary & Heroic Keys, you can mint a maximum amount of Merry Modz NFTs equal to the amount of your Legendary & Heroic Keys (minus any mints used in the Pre-Sale and up to 100 NFTs in a single transaction). Example: You hold 16 Legendary & Heroic Keys. You can mint 16 Merry Modz NFTs in the Public Sale.
Is my NFT revealed immediately?
No. They unwrap on November 19th at 9AM PST.

Phase 1: Your Gift Box

From the start of the Pre-sale on November 17th at 7pm PST until November 19th at 8:59am PST, all NFTs will appear visually as a "Present", a gift-wrapped box.

Phase 2: Your Character Reveal

Starting on November 19th at 9am PST, the Present image will "unwrap" and your unique character will be revealed!
What is the Merry Modz roadmap?
Please see the Merry Modz roadmap above
How was the art created? Who created it?
All characters (including the properties and props) were designed by hand by the legendary artist Francisco "HerreraBox" Herrera. That totals well over 500 hand-drawn pieces. After the drawings were complete, the characters were scanned into a computer, where the 2D designs were translated into 3D figures. Movie-grade software was used for rendering, lighting, and rigging the 3D characters. A creative team of over 50 people were involved in bringing the Merry Modz story to life!
Why should I not mess with Christmas?
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