This Christmas help SnoBo
train for the Dark Forest Run.
Last year, SnoBo took his first step to become a snowman warrior by literally igniting the fire in his eyes! This year, SnoBo’s next step to go from snowboy to snowman is going to take a lot more snowballz!
Help SnoBo stay frosty through
a white hot challenge!
Scaredy cat SnoBo has always dreamed of becoming a member of Santa’s legendary Snowman Guard. The problem is he's scared... by everything! He took a BIG step last year, recognizing the warrior within to light his eyes on fire (we promise it didn’t hurt). Now he needs to channel that inner warrior as he takes on The Dark Forest Run; something that will take a lot of snowballz.
Digital assets, an animated short and a
video game? Santa was generous this year!
Merry Modz is Impact Theory's evolving multi-media franchise, of the most empowering Christmas story ever told as our unlikeliest hero SnoBo learns that he can change for the better despite his fears.
Dress up Bark to impress with the annual Bark Decorator!
Bark is a dashing fellow any which way you cut it. But he can always look better. Our annual Modz tradition is back for you and the family to decorate Bark and create your own digital asset.
Test your memory
for your chance to win!
It's hard to remember the season's tiding so we thought we'd change that. Give your mind a workout with the Merry Memory Modz game that leaves your hands free for cookie snacking. Flip the tiles and try to match them, in as few tries and as quickly as possible, with some awesome prezzies up for grabs!
Bark's saviors get a merry
addition to their Modz collection!
Bark experienced a major mishap last year when the transmogrifier got hacked by Krampus! In the mayhem, many people sacrificed their Barks to get a Krampus. A few, however, decided instead to pass on Krampus and keep their Barks. As a small token of Bark's gratitude, he offers those of you who spared him a cute new member of the Merry Modz family - Firnando the Christmas pinecone! Keep him in your wallet for a couple of small surprises this holiday season!

With love, From Bark
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