Merry Modz $100K X‑MAS Song contest

Impact Theory is holding a $100k Christmas Song Contest to find a theme song for their “holiday family comedy with edge”, MERRY MODZ. A feature-length tale about SnoBo, a terrified teen snowman who must learn to fight his fears when he and his friends brave a forest full of monsters in their attempt to save Christmas. With art by renowned artist Francisco Herrera, a screenplay by Hollywood veteran screenwriters Dan Carrillo Levy and Eugenio Villamar, and produced by Tom & Lisa Bilyeu, MERRY MODZ is poised to take families and the holidays by storm.


We’re honored to know some of the most amazing people in this industry and when we asked them about bringing this contest to the most talented musical creators in the world, they sent us to you! Thank you so much for considering participating in this exciting project. We are holding a massive global song contest, and the winning song will get $100,000 in cash!


  • Songs can be any style, but should have a Christmas flair.
  • Songs should be roughly 2-2.5 minutes long, any tempo.
  • Lyrics and vocals encouraged — family-friendly only.
  • Tone and lyrics should be based on the information found in the Merry Modz lore document.



Multi-platinum singer, songwriter and producer


Chart-topping Good Charlotte lead vocalist



If you are interested in entering the contest yourself, all that is left is to pour your heart and soul into writing and producing the song that could win you $100,000! Submit your song entry at: And whether or not you plan to enter, given how meaningful the prize money could befor an up-and-coming artist, please help us spread the word about this contest to anyone who might be interested.
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MERRY MODZ is a “family-comedy-with-edge” - it started out as a collection of non-fungible tokens in 2021 featuring the cute characters, and it will soon be an animated feature-length entertainment… perhaps with YOUR song! MERRY MODZ is a holiday tale about SnoBo, a terrified teen snowman who must learn to fight his fears and be brave when he and his friends find themselves in way over their heads as they brave a forest full of monsters in their attempt to save Christmas. The theme of MERRY MODZ is that everyone must find the courage to face obstacles, even when those obstacles seem impossible. As our main character, SnoBo will be forced to learn, courage is not the absence of fear, it’s rising up in the face of fear! Now THAT’s impactful.
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Not necessarily. But it should probably have the positive and catchy qualities of everyone’s favorite holiday songs.
Not necessarily. Judges - both famous one and members of our Impact Theory community - MIGHT think it’s cool that you’re using the themes (and characters?) found in the Merry Modz lore. But a super awesome and fun and memorable popular song is the only true requirement.
No! But it would certainly need to be translated into English, and keep the fun and quality and memorable aspects of the original language version.
Sorry, we want it as close to “airwaves ready” as possible by the entry deadline. Go get that song made! :)
We’re thinking 2-3 minutes in length.
It doesn’t matter to us. Although we want to widest appeal of the Merry Modz story and character, so it’s probably going to be best supported by the merry-iest funnest all-ages kind of holiday musical style!
No, good try. :) One name per submission. How that winner splits the money with her/his friends is up to them!